You are invited to come along to a BCITO combined meeting with the Certified Builders and Master Builders Members on July 4th. This will provide the opportunity for the Southern Area Manager of the BCITO, Richard Willis, to receive any industry training feedback from the group and to address you all and provide you with an update of the following:

  • The reformation of Regional Advisory Groups (RAG’s) – This is the group that provides direction for the review and redevelopment of our training resources
  • Reboot funding – This is the government funded trades training incentive for “critical trades”, of which carpentry is one.
  • The outcome of the governments Review of Industry Training – Explaining the implications of this for trades training
  • The new Knowledge Evaluation Guides (KEG’s) – Our reformatted self – assessment resource that we now include with new training packages.
  • An overview of the Christchurch reconstruction and how that is influencing us.

We have settled on the date of the 4th July, at 5.00pm at the Richard Pearse Tavern in Timaru. The meeting will last approximately one hour and will be a great chance for all members to provide feedback or pose questions to Richard on the future direction of the BCITO, or any other matters of interest.

We think this will be a great meeting to get along to. If you have any questions please contact your South Canterbury President – Lain Hellmrich on 027 292 2883 or Dan Gallagher on 027 668 8001.