September BTP Online learning

Martelli McKegg Builders’ Breakfast
Building Consents

Ever undertaken excavation work before the building consent was approved by the council?
Then this Martelli McKegg presentation is for you. Undertaking building work without consent or a council approved variation, can have lasting ramifications for a builder and homeowner. Geoff Hardy explains in legal terms what work requires consenting and what does not, along with what is defined as ‘building work”, you might be surprised.

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The Trades Coach
Financial Statements to Know

Do you understand what your financial statements are or are not telling you?
Andy Burrows explains that by having a basic understanding of profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow forecasts, builders can better determine the financial viability of their business. These key indicators then allow the builder to better manage the peaks and troughs of cash flow cycles which can be challenging for a building business.

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Chewing the Fat with Dave Whitehead
Employee Dishonesty

Employees being dishonest is not something openly talked about in the building sector, so when it does happen it can have devastating with wide-reaching consequences. Understanding the signals which take an honest employee into a space of dishonesty, can save a business a lot of heartache. In this “Chew the Fat” session, NZCB Board Member David Whitehead shares his experiences with employee fraud, so other NZCB members can avoid the heartache.

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