ToolBox Seminar Series

NZCB ToolBox Seminars: Time is Money
New Zealand’s construction activity looks set to peak later this year, followed by a prolonged period of sustained high demand. For regions servicing the “Auckland spill over” a peak of 2018 has been predicted.
Source – National Construction Pipeline Report

Higher work and cash flow does not necessarily mean more profits as builders struggle with labour resources and supply chain disruptions, which cause delay and quality issues and can silently erode profit margins.

However, there is a darker force in play which often goes unnoticed, if not kept in check can take a builder out. It starts off as “not enough hours in the day” and often ends with “my accountant tells me I’m not earning enough”.

Too much to do and not enough time?

Certified Builders are bringing you a Seminar presenting simple onsite time saving tips so you can get more done without doing more – we call them ‘trade secrets’.

Using tools you already have at you finger tips we’ll cover….

  • Effective daily planning
  • Achieve more to earn more
  • Prioritizing emails, phone calls and other daily disruptions
  • Builder’s obligations under the Building Act to deliver a timely project

You can improve your effectiveness today by simply taking charge and choosing how to spend your time.

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