Health and Safety Reform: Connecting the Dots


Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
Are you informed?

New Health and Safety reform comes into force on 4th April and will affect builders and sub trades equally. It will no longer be about subcontractors following the leader, the intent of the Act is about shared responsibility. It is important for builders coordinating trades to understand the obligations of the whole build team.

WorkSafe has joined with Certified Builders to deliver an informative round of educational ToolBox Seminars. WorkSafe will demonstrate it’s less about the paperwork and more about capturing “the doing”, through working examples we will show you how to meet the intent of the Act by simple but effective teamwork with sub-contractors, employees and workers.

Do I need to test and Tag?

In Association with WorkSafe, Certified Builders has developed a series of steps members can take on site to mitigate the day to day risks of electrical safety for portable power tools. These steps do not require testing and tagging.

Bring your frontline staff, workers, apprentices and subcontractors as they all have new Health and Safety responsibilities to be aware of.

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