New Online Record of Work and Certificate of Work forms now available for LBPs

2 December 2015
New Online Record of Work and Certificate of Work forms now available for LBPs

As part of the rollout of the new LBP Skills Maintenance system MBIE recently introduced, LBPs are now able to complete Record of Work (RoW) and Certificate of Work (CoW) forms online. This online enhancement is only available to active LBPs who hold one or more licence classes. The new functionally was introduced on 2 November 2015.

The online RoW and CoW forms are a direct reproduction of the commonly used paper based prescribed forms, however there are a number of advantages for LBPs completing the forms online such as:

  • The online forms can save practitioner’s time by prepopulating information from the LBP database, e.g. information such as the practitioner’s name, LBP number, licence class(s), and contact information etc . Information such as the LBPs BP number are protected and cannot be modified.
  • The online forms allow practitioners to only add the RBW sections applicable to the specific project they have worked on, thus eliminating references to RBW that is not relevant to the work they have completed.
  • Increased accuracy and clarity of the information provided as all information is keyed in and not hand written (except for the entry of a signature).
  • The system only allows practitioners the option of filling out a form which is relevant to the licence class(es) they hold (i.e. LBPs not licensed in Design will not have the option of completing a CoW form online).

The information contained in the forms will not be stored in the LBP system unless an LBP wants to ‘retain’ some of the completed forms and use them for their Skills Maintenance requirements.

Initial interest in the new functionality has been solid and hundreds of LBPs have already used the recently released RoW and CoW forms. It is envisaged BCAs around the country will start seeing these forms enter their system as an alternative to the paper based carbon-copy triplicate forms commonly used by LBPs.

An example of a RoW created in the LBP portal is provided on the following page.
Read more information about the new Skills Maintenance scheme on the LBP website.

If you have questions in relation to these changes please call us on 0800 60 60 50 or send us an email at

Yours sincerely
Paul Hobbs
Registrar Building Practitioner Licensing
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Click here to download the full document as well as an example of Record of Work created in the LBP Portal.

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