Top Kiwi building Apprent-ICE needed to join Scott Base team!

Today, Antarctica New Zealand started the search for a building Apprent-ICE to support New Zealand’s southern-most construction project at Scott Base in Antarctica.

“In 2014 we launched the Antarctic Apprent-ICE as an opportunity to collaborate with the building industry and enhance their overall awareness of Antarctica and the interdependent relationships required to work in one of the harshest environments on the planet,” says Antarctica New Zealand Chief Executive Peter Beggs.

Given the huge success of this opportunity, Antarctica New Zealand and Certified Builders Association of New Zealand together with industry training partners BCITO and ITAB are offering the chance for another Apprent-ICE to join the Hillary Field Centre project team in 2016.

Antarctica New Zealand’s Hillary Field Centre Project Manager Simon Shelton says, “we are committed to developing sustainable leadership opportunities through short-term professional development projects in Antarctica. The professional growth of the 2014 Apprent-ICE’s far exceeded our expectations.”

We are looking for a candidate who understands best-practice building methods and has an attitude that reflects the leadership style required during the toughest of challenges. If this is you, apply now!

The first phase of the $6.2 million dollar reconfiguration project of the Hillary Field Centre was completed in October 2015. The second phase will begin in December 2015 and will have the Apprent-ICE working alongside Antarctica New Zealand staff and contactor Leighs Construction who have a wealth of experience working in Antarctica.

This project will lift the quality of our science facilities at Scott Base to international standards, enhancing the leadership role of New Zealand scientists on the ice.

Application details are available here and will be open until 5pm, Friday 27 November 2015. To get an idea of what you’d be in for, check out the blogs from last year’s Apprent-ICE here.

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