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Release of Joint MBIE/NZGS Geotechnical Guidance Module 5A Specification of ground improvement for residential properties in the Canterbury region

Module 5A of the ‘Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Practice’ series “Specification of ground improvement for residential properties in the Canterbury region” has now been published, refer to the Technical guidance page. It is also available on the NZGS website. This version is being issued for public comment.  NZGS members are encouraged to make use of this document and return comments to the NZGS Secretary within six months for consideration by the editorial committee.

The guidelines have evolved in recent years from the single publication “Module 1 – Guideline for the identification, assessment and mitigation of liquefaction hazards” into a whole series of modules that are in preparation.  This is the first of the new modules to be published. A revised version of the existing Liquefaction module is now at final pre-publication stage.  Due to the expansion of the series the numbering system has changed, and the old Module 1 will now become Module 3.  The full list of documents currently in preparation is as follows, and further modules are being planned:

  • Module 1         General Overview and Introduction to the series
  • Module 2         Investigations
  • Module 3         Liquefaction
  • Module 4         Seismic Design of Foundations
  • Module 5         Ground Improvement
  • 5A                   Ground Improvement Specification
  • Module 6         Seismic Design of Retaining Walls

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