Antarctic Apprent-ICE: An opportunity of a lifetime

Today the search for a building Apprent-ICE to support New Zealand’s southern-most construction project at Scott Base, Antarctica has begun.
That means, through a New Zealand-wide search, a leader who is passionate about complex construction and demonstrates strong health, safety and environmental values, will be chosen to live and work in Antarctica for three months – a professional development opportunity of a lifetime.

“The Apprent-ICE is designed to enhance the awareness of the building industry about Antarctica and the interdependent relationships required to work in one of the harshest environments on the planet,” says Antarctica New Zealand Chief Executive Peter Beggs.

Antarctica New Zealand and Certified Builders Association of New Zealand supported by industry training partners BCITO and ITAB are committed to developing sustainable leadership opportunities through short-term professional development projects in Antarctica.

“We’ve partnered with two of the most successful trade education institutions in the country. This enables us to have confidence in selecting a candidate who understands best practice methods and has an attitude that reflects the leadership style required during the toughest of challenges,” says Antarctica New Zealand General Manager of Operations Graeme Ayres.

“Certified Builders is delighted to partner with Antarctica New Zealand on this exciting initiative. As the only building association in New Zealand that requires all its members to be trade-qualified for membership, we actively support apprenticeship schemes, and this is a fantastic opportunity for a talented apprentice,” says Certified Builders Chief Executive Grant Florence.

Apprenticeships are critical to the New Zealand economy to help fill skill shortages created by the Christchurch rebuild and Auckland housing boom, including a career path for youth. All organisations involved are hopeful that exciting opportunities like this will help encourage more people to become apprentices.

The major reconfiguration of the Hillary Field Centre at Scott Base has been the driver of this opportunity. The $4 million project will be completed over the next two construction seasons 2 and will lift the quality of our science facilities on the base to international standards, enhancing the leadership role of New Zealand scientists on the ice.

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