Defects and tolerance schedule update

Certified Builders sits on the Ministrie’s [MBIE] working group forming a schedule of acceptable building tolerances and a defects list, covering off workmanship and material supply.

It is intended to bridge the grey areas not covered by our Building Act, Codes and manufactures recommendations e.g. the crack in the cove, at what point is this a workmanship defect or simply in service wear and tear. The intent of this schedule is to assist with ascertaining responsibility during the 12 months defects period, which will be placed on practitioners on the 1st January.

The draft document has just received its second rounds of adjustments before going out to the greater industry representatives for approval. We hope to see it available to building contractors early November.

Certified Builders will cover this off in greater detail at our next round of ToolBox Seminars in October and November which is open to members of Certified Builders and non-members alike.

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