A Better Way of Managing Conflict – Toolbox Seminar

Conflict-A5Flyer-imageOur industry is experiencing greater levels of client enquiry, Certified Builders Association is expecting this to increase with the forthcoming consumer protection measures early next year.  If not handled well these can all lead very quickly into conflict, however when conflict is handled well it can be very productive with positive outcomes.

Building practitioners are great problem solvers, all day every day the site producers challenges which must be planned and executed.  Generally most conflict on site begins where there is a difference, often it’s a difference of opinion or expectation.  So why do we struggle with working through a difference of opinion, or communication breakdown.

Maybe it’s because no one showed us how, this ToolBox Seminar will step you through the basics of how to manage conflict before it turns into a dispute of which there are no winners. These techniques can then be used past the construction site and applied to any relationship.

Click here to download the flyer and schedule with the 32 venues nationwide.

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