Nelson Members – What’s your area of expertise as a builder?

The Nelson Committee are preparing for a mentoring education session in early 2014.

We need to know what your area of expertise is, choose from the following list:

1.   Fences, Decks, Retaining Walls & Landscaping

 2. Small Alterations – bathrooms & kitchens

3.  Large Alterations and extensions

4. House builds less than $300,000

5. House builds and Architectural works over $300,000

 6.  Light Commercial & Motels

 7. Farm Sheds & other

AND –    If there is an AREA listed above that you want to move into to become an EXPERT in – which area would it be?    (that may or may not be appropriate for you).   Text your response to BELINDA on 0274 434 128,  in the following format please:

Your Name (ie John Brown)

The Number of Your Current Area of Expertise:  (ie  #3)

Then Number of Your intended Area of Expertise – if applicable)  (ie #5.)

So your text might look like this:    John Brown, #3, #5

SIMPLE  – thanks, Belinda, Nelson Bays Secretary for CBANZ.

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