PRESS RELEASE – Building Concents: Certified Builders Says Growth In Regions Pleasing

MEDIA RELEASE – Friday 30 August 2013

Certified Builders Association of New Zealand, the preeminent nationwide network of qualified and trusted builders, says the increase in the number of building consents issued in 10 regions during July 2013 is good news for its members in those regions.

The Statistics New Zealand figures released today show a continued increase in the number of building consents issued in the Canterbury and Auckland regions during the last month but more pleasing was the apparent lift seen in many regions across New Zealand.
Certified Builders Chief Executive Grant Florence said the lift in these regions may indicate a general increase in confidence and economic outlook in those regions.
“The time of year is also likely to be an influencing factor, with people pushing to get their building consents completed so as to be able to be build during the warmer spring and summer months,” Mr Florence said.

He said the rosy growth in Christchurch and Auckland is great news for the construction industry but needs to be kept in perspective.

“The massive upturn in construction in Christchurch and the growing capacity in the Auckland market is going to keep going, and that’s great but it’s important to keep a balanced view when looking at the figures for the remainder of the country,” Mr Florence said.

“While it’s still pretty tough in a lot of the regions for the building and construction industry, we are hopeful that this regional growth trend continues.”

However, he warns of a trade shortage looming in the two big growth areas.

“This is due to a cumulative effect of a long down turn of activity in the sector and also the introduction of licensing of builders. The downturn has seen many trades move offshore to find work or decide to exit the sector,” Mr Florence said.

“The introduction of licensing, although a positive move for the building and construction sector did see a number of experienced builders decide to move to other business or take early retirement.”

Certified Builders is encouraging its trade qualified building owners to take on apprentices where they can.

“Although this is a long term solution for the shortage of trades, it is vital to the ongoing health of an important sector of the economy,” Mr Florence said.

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