Targeting serious crime – A Government consultation April 9 – May 21 2013

Should taxpayer information be shared if it helps stop serious crime?

How do you feel about certain Inland Revenue information being shared with other agencies if it helps prevent serious crime? What are the risks and benefits to society? And what privacy safeguards would you expect to be in place?

These are the questions the Government is seeking your feedback on, during consultation on a proposal for Inland Revenue to share some information with other agencies if the information helps prevent serious crime. You can see the proposals, say what you think and follow the discussion online at

Information could be shared with other government agencies when probable serious crime is uncovered. Proper privacy safeguards (such as those approved by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner) would need to be in place.

Sharing Inland Revenue information could help with investigating crimes like murder, wildlife smuggling, investor fraud and immigration scams. The consultation presents five scenarios showing how Inland Revenue could share information with other government agencies to tackle serious crime.

How can I join the discussion?

The online forum makes it quick and easy for busy people to join the discussion and have their say. You can agree or disagree with the proposals, or post comments and reply to others in just a few minutes. Logging on is easy.

Go to:

In writing
If you have difficulty accessing the internet you can write to Inland Revenue Policy & Strategy, PO Box 2198 Wellington, or phone Inland Revenue on 04 890 1404 and ask for a copy of the Targeting serious crime discussion document. You can post your submission, or email it to

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