Local project seeks to hire Australians

Australian workers are being sought for a large Auckland building project beginning soon, outraging NZ First leader Winston Peters, who says New Zealanders have been snubbed.

But while the Australian recruitment company which placed the advertisement refused to identify the project, it says New Zealand workers will have the opportunity to apply.
The advert placed on the Australian Seek website in late December calls for “expressions of interest” for 80 construction carpenters for a “major construction project in New Zealand to commence in early 2013”.

Placed by Perth recruiting company TR7, it seeks carpenters with formwork and roofing experience. It says they will be employed on a fly-in, fly-out basis from West Australia, working three weeks then a week off.

Mr Peters said the advertisement snubbed New Zealand workers.

“This situation is scandalous in that we have an official unemployment level of 7.3 per cent which includes many experienced builders.”

He told the Herald he had been unable to identify the project or the companies but “either the Government or a New Zealand organisation is paying top rates for Australians to work here, shutting out any hope of skilled New Zealanders picking up these jobs”.

Click here to read the full story on the NZ Herald website.

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