DBH/CBANZ National Charge out, LBP survey

Each year Certified Builders releases a national survey to monitor pay rate, charge out rates and build costs. This is used as a guide for members to monitor build costs in their region and other areas of New Zealand.

This year takes on a slightly new look with the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (formally Department of Building and Housing) coming on board. The beginning of the survey asks questions about your Licensing activities, this section is open to all Gold Card Holders.

The survey then engages Platinum Card holders; it questions business activities such as charge out rates, pay rates, mileage costs and build rates. The Association has added several additional questions such as costs involved for any members removing themselves from a leaky building litigations.

The survey was emailed to all members that we have current email address for on 19th July & will be open until August 10th

Fill in the survey and be in to win:
This year’s prize has been kindly supplied by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment:

Parabeam® is designed to automatically sound an alert whenever a person or vehicle passes through its precise infrared detection beam.  This beam may be installed to monitor driveways, entrance ways, open ground, storage areas or construction sites.  The maximum beam width is 40m. The maximum wireless operating range between the Beam-set and Base Receiver is 800m.

This kit includes:

  • 1 700-FSK Two-zone Receiver
  • 1 700-FSK Beam-set
  • 2 Solar Panels
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 12V AC Adaptor for Base Receiver
  • Mounting Brackets for Beam-set and solar panels

If you have not received this survey please contact Linda at the National Support Office – 0800 237 843 or linda@certified.co.nz

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