Monthly Archives: July 2012

Councils dread ‘Leaky Buildings II’

Some of the country’s biggest councils want warranties to be introduced in new building laws, to safeguard both consumers and councils. Kathryn talks to John Gray, president of the Home Owners and Buyers Association; Warwick Quinn, chief executive of Registered … more

Christchurch Newsletter 26 July 2012

Christchurch Newsletter Update  – 26th July 2012 Our new Chairman Dave Brown visited Christchurch last week which was his first visit since the earthquakes began. Dave is the first to admit that his visit can be best describes as ‘an … more

DBH/CBANZ National Charge out, LBP survey

Each year Certified Builders releases a national survey to monitor pay rate, charge out rates and build costs. This is used as a guide for members to monitor build costs in their region and other areas of New Zealand. This … more

Building Expo Whangarei

Are you serious about building or renovating? This expo is not to be missed! The Certified Builders Building Expo is being held in Whangarei on the 21st July 2012 and will bring all aspects of building together under one roof. … more

DBH – Leaky Building Guide

Dealing with Timber in Leaky Buildings Click here to download the latest Dealing with Timber in Leaky Buildings guide from the Department of Building and Housing. The purpose of the guide is to provide practical advice on dealing with decayed … more