Homestar Rating Tool for NZ Homes

Homestar is a new online rating tool for New Zealand homes. It’s easy to find out how well your home performs:

  1. Enter your home details
  2. Answer the questions
  3. Get your rating

You can choose how to get your home assesed:

 Self Assesment:

A free online tool to assess your own home, providing a self assessment report and provisional rating that provides a list of recommendations on how you can improve your home’s performance.  Find out more.


Homecoach™ Assesment:

Homestar™ offers you the chance to have your home assessed by a qualified Homecoach™ who can assist you in completing the assessment process with some expert input.  Find out more.


Homestar™ Assesment:

When you are ready to have your Homestar™rating certified, an independent assessor can inspect your home and provide you with a certified Homestar™rating. This provides you with the assurance of a credible, third-party assessed Homestar™ rating.  Find out more.


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