The latest on the LBP Skills Maintenance Scheme

All Licensed Practitioners will be in the revised scheme by the 30th November 2017. The scheme is broken into two parts: Compulsory and Elective.


  • Read Codewords and answer the quiz questions. If you do not receive Codewords via email then check your details on the public register or call MBIE on their help line: 0800 60 60 50. To read and subscribe to Codewords, click here. To listen to Codewords, click here
  • Undertake one on the job learning. Example: Attend a seminar, learn something new and apply it to site.  Don’t forget to capture the evidence of this new learning.


  • This part of Skills Maintenance you will be familiar with. It is largely a continuation of what you are currently doing; reading news articles, attending ToolBox Seminars etc. Rule of thumb, one hour’s learning is equal to one point.
  • The number of points required has been halved. Example: Carpentry required 24 points over two years; this is now 12 points over the same period. NZCB recommends keeping it simple and targeting 6 points per year.

The LBP Online Diary

  1. Set up a REALME Account
    Set up an account
  2. Once you’ve set up your account you can now access the diary through the LBP Home Page
    Access online diary
  3. Enter your user name and password
  4. You can select from a number of options
    – Update your profile
    – Enter your Skills Maintenance Points in the online diary
    – Fill in an electronic Record of Works
    – Download the LBP logo to place on the bottom of your emails or signwriting