If you haven’t already grab your diaries and book the evening of the 26th September for our next LBP Training Workshop. In association with Fairview Joinery who will be covering E2/AS1 Wanz Winz Installation of Aluminium Joinery and Mike Goodison from the Dept of Labour who will be covering Preventing Falls from Height.

The Venue will be the Whg ITM Town Yard at 6.30 pm, we anticipate a finish at about 8.30 and will be supplying a BBQ and refreshments.

You will need to RSVP to Ryan or Peter Ace (M: 021 410 880 & DDI: 09 437 9401) by the 24th September for catering purposes.

In the early stages of the LBP licensing there was and still is a bit of negativity about the extra time this training was going to take up. I have attended a few training sessions cause I am good like that and they have in the main been received very well. It’s a chance to have a catch up and chew the fat while actually picking up some good info along the way. The timing has to suit and I wouldn’t miss a funeral to go to one but I am sure quite a few of these evenings most of us would be on the couch anyhow. My suggestion is to be a little proactive choose the Seminars which hold relevant content for you and if anything don’t get left behind. Knowing more is an asset not a hassle.