NZCB Webinars

This page will hold all NZCB hosted Webinars. So if you missed out or you feel like you need to re-watch a segment you can do so!

21st September 2016 | 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Halo 10 Year Guarantee

The Board of NZCB introduced a new policy in December 2015, making it mandatory for all Business Members of the Association to take out the Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee on all residential projects that are over $30,000 inc gst. “Halo” is provided by BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited and is an insurance policy underwritten at the world’s leading insurer (Lloyd’s of London) carrying an A+ credit rating. This is a market leading guarantee which is exclusively offered through NZCB. Not only does it provide peace of mind for the homeowner but it also has a range of benefits direct to you, including ‘sleep easy’ coverage.

Derek Larsen from BrokerWeb Risk Services presents the webinar which covers the following:

  • A brief introduction into the background and the development of the new Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee and the NZCB Board’s decision to make it mandatory
  • A brief run through of the cover provided by Halo
  • Some major policy enhancements to the Halo Guarantee policy cover, including:
    (1) Automatic transfer to subsequent purchasers of the property
    (2) Variations to the contract
  • The Builder’s Sleep Easy cover
  • The Builder’s Legal Costs cover
  • Q&A session
  • Brittany Robertson (NZCB) will also talk us through the admin and practical application side of things

Once you have watched the Webinar – click here to go to the Halo Guarantee information page.

31st August 2016 | 5.30pm – 6.30pm
PowerTool Safety

Exciting news…. You first heard about it at the NZCB Health & Safety ToolBox Seminar Series….now we are excited to launch an alternative to test and tag. The PowerTool Safety online system is live! Developed in conjunction with WorkSafe New Zealand, the online test for PowerTool Safety is builder friendly and available for members and employees/sub-contractors within your build team. We’ll be covering…..

  • How the Association arrived in achieving an alternative to test and tag
  • A step by step look at the 8 question induction and obtaining your competency certificate
  • Guidance on completing the templates including Company Policy, Tool Register and ToolBox Meeting documents
  • How to guide your employees and contractors through the system
  • Q&A session

Once you have watched the Webinar – click here to go to the PowerTool Safety Induction.

13th April 2016 | 5.30pm – 6.30pm
The Post Contract Phase | Building Act 2004 Consumer Rights and Remedies.

We’ll be discussing the realities and practicalities of gathering everything you need in preparation for the post-contract phase.

  • Gathering the Warranties and Guarantees – What the Act says and in reality how to find the information you need
  • Ongoing Insurances
  • The 12 month defects period – Defects and Tolerance Guide
  • Obtaining Code Compliance Certificate
  • The importance of Practical Completion Certificates
  • Q&A session

21 October 2015 | 5.30pm – 6.30pm
The ins and outs of a Fixed Price+ Building Contract

  • Live walk through – how to fill in an online contract
  • The contracted parties
  • Application of the deposit
  • Insurances and Guarantees
  • Contractual Documents
  • Q&A session