Licensed Building Practitioner:
3 x handy videos walking you through the LBP application process, staring Certified Builders very own Jason McClintock.

Marketing your Business:
Presented by Eve Cooper, CBANZ Online Communications Manager – bringing you helpful tips to market your business successfully.

Retrofitting Underfloor Insulation:
This video, developed by Beacon Pathway for Certified Builders, shows installation of underfloor insulation in Certified Builder Dave Brown’s house in Auckland. Retrofitting underfloor insulation can make a home warmer and more comfortable with lower power bills. This film shows how some of the new bulk insulation products can make the job even easier.

Build Back Smarter:
This video developed and presented by Beacon Pathway for Certified Builders discusses the importance of building back smarter looking in particular to Christchurch and the addition of insulation to damaged properties.

HomeSmart Home:
This video, developed and presented by Beacon Pathway for Certified Builders, showcases some of the sustainable design techniques used by the New Zealand Housing Foundation HomeSmart Home to achieve a high performance dwelling with lower running costs.

Axxis® steel framing:
Video tips where Cocksy the builder will take you through everything you need to know to build quickly and efficiently with Axxis® steel framing.

Repairing Plasterboard after an Earthquake
Stuart Thurston, BRANZ Structural Engineer, demonstrates some of the testing methods, results and repair strategies as detailed in BRANZ Bulletin 548.