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Maintenance Schedule for a new home

As a professional builder you will be required to provide a maintenance report as part of the new customer protection measures.

By clicking here you can create a maintenance schedule for a new house, print a copy for the owners, and save a copy for your own files.

Construction Dashboard – The industry at a glance, today and tomorrow

The BRANZ Construction Dashboard is a new interactive web-based tool that will help the building and construction industry understand what is happening in the industry today, and where it is heading, providing key indicators and forecast changes such as:

  • Skills availability
  • Financial viability of construction sub-sectors
  • Residential customer service
  • Workplace injury rates
  • Housing affordability
  • Building activity forecasts
  • Changes in building quality

This is a free must-have tool for the professional builder.


New guidance for Building work that does not require a building consent

In November 2013, Schedule 1 of the Building Act was amended. Schedule 1 details the type of work that does not require a building consent. It clarifies the types of building work that are exempt and who can carry out this work.

Keep up to date with changes to Schedule 1 by reading the latest guidance published by the Ministry: Building Work that does not require a building consent.


So, you need to pack a pile? Or lift a wall plate?
 Or jack up a foundation? Step-by-step video guides on Earthquake Repairs for Canterbury builders.

After an earthquake floor structures may have been twisted, wrenched or tilted.  We have produced three videos to help you repair, re-level or restore floor structures ‘right first time’.  These resources are part of our continuing support of the residential rebuild in Canterbury, which has included guidance, workshops and builders’ booklets.

How will these videos help me?

  • Show a best practice approach to the work
  • Take you through the process step by step
  • Include 3-D diagrams of key stages
  • Remind you how to keep safe
  • Demonstrate techniques in our booklet, ‘Guide for Canterbury Builders – Below Floor Work’.
  • Let you re-play, pause and add to your playlist.

Note: These videos show one practical approach to the work, and support our guidance document – ‘Repairing and rebuilding houses affected by the Canterbury earthquakes’.

Find out more

Good Repair Guides Step-by-step instructions on repairing NZ homes.  The BRANZ Good Repair Guide series explains the causes of the most common problems in NZ houses and provides the building professional with blow-by-blow descriptions of how to repair them.The first five available books in the series are: Damp Subfloors, Repainting Textured Finishes, Horizontal Timber Weatherboards, Interior Painting, and Timber Windows.Additional 2014 titles coming soon. Pre-order your copy now on the BRANZ website: Dealing with Mould, External Gutters, Improving Internal Ventilation, Profiled Metal Roofing and Replacing Aluminium Windows.These books are complimented with website:

 Beacon Beacon Pathway October 2013 Facing newsletter:
  • Beacon neighbourhoods tool used to help assess Hobsonville Point sustainability
  • Breathe winner announced
  • Turning Build Back Smarter into a service – Seeking a Service manager
  • Ngāti Whātua Nga Rima o Kaipara houses moved
  • New Category of Home project: Hobsonville duplex underway
  • Study tour opportunities in 2014
  • Building a Better New Zealand conference Auckland 2014 – sponsorship and exhibition opportunities
  • Simple things can make a difference: Lois Easton’s CEN conference presentation

Beacon Beacon Pathway August 2013 Facing newsletter:
  • Study tour to look at successful medium density development in North America
  • Progress on Build Back Smarter
    • The second house has been upgraded in Build Back Smarter, four more are underway
    • What is the value case for building back smarter?
    • Wider Build Back Smarter roll-out being planned
  • High Performance House at HIVE open and attracting visitors
  • Ngāti Whātua Nga Rima o Kaipara Housing project
  • Rental housing fact bank

Beacon Beacon Pathway June 2013 – Pathway is Beacon’s newsletter aimed at keeping members up to date with Beacon’s projects and activities.  Click here to download the newsletter.

Caution – ceiling battens do not provide fall protection
The Best Practice Guidelines for Working on Roofs was released in June 2012 and outlines how people working on roofs can meet their obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. Builders, roofers and other trades must plan for a safe approach to working at height and select an appropriate solution for the job to be completed safely.

Bulletin-558_cover Earthquake terminology – Confused about axial load, base shear or inter-storey drift? Help is here.BRANZ Bulletin 558 Earthquake terminology is a glossary of terms that explains in plain English some of the key words and phrases relating to earthquakes and, in particular, their action on buildings.The bulletin also covers definitions of terminology associated with constructing buildings to resist earthquake forces. Available for $13.50 from the BRANZ Shop at or call 0800 80 80 85, press 2

Wall wrap information
This document features:
  • Supporting flexible wall wraps
  • installing wall wraps
  • Metal parapet caps

Dealing with Timber in Leaky Buildings
The purpose of the guide is to provide practical advice on dealing with decayed timber that is found once the cladding of a leaky building is removed.

GrowthGuide Building & Construction report
A total of 218 companies provided feedback for VantagePoint’s building and construction sector report, resulting in a very thorough study of the sector in New Zealand.

BRANZ Bulletin – Learning from the Canterbury Earthquakes

BRANZ Bulletin – Repairing plasterboard after an earthquake