Preliminary and General: Schedule Template: Pricing for Profit Workshop/Webinar

Preliminary and General are items which simply exist because the job exists.  These item are ‘on site’ overhead. Click below to download the template.

P&G Template

Red QS Labour Charge Rate Calculator: Pricing for Profit Workshop/Webinar

Pricing and estimating work ensure profit is maintained throughout the job. Click below to download how to calculate labour charge out rates.

How to Calculate Labour Charge Out Rates

Client Scope of Work

The contract informs the client about the terms of engagement and how the builders is to be paid.  The contract needs to be accompanied by a scope of work to the client explaining what is in and what is outside of the builders scope of services under this contract.

Scope of Work Template

Building Compliance Builders’ Checklist

Wrapping your head around building compliance paperwork can be a little daunting but fear not, we are here to help! NZCB have put together a Step by Step Builders’ Checklist which covers not only compliance but other useful tick-box items to assist you with a smooth sailing project.

Step by Step Builders’ Checklist