The Trades Coach Andy Burrows:
Helping you build a more profitable business

Promoting and Marketing your Business | 6 mins

A lot of money can be spent on marketing. In this video Andy will show us a strategy he uses with marketing campaigns for his clients in the Building Industry.

Gross Profit – Part One | 8 mins

Measuring your business profitability by applying the principles of gross margin. The key for builders is to discover what their target margin is in relation to the type of operation they run.

Gross Profit – Part Two | 11 mins

In part two of the Gross Margin series,  Andy breaks down the volume of  work a business needs to generate to ensure it’s targeted gross margin is being achieved.

Martelli McKegg Lawyers

Martelli McKegg Builder’s Breakfasts with Geoff Hardy

Contract Exit & Payment Claims | June 2019

Serving a valid payment claim, along with the rights to payment within the NZCB building contract, puts NZCB members in a powerful position to extract money from a client who are playing games by not making payment. For the builder who is entitled to payment, this double-barrelled approach will only work if the paperwork is bang on. This Martelli McKegg Builders presentation will show you exactly what that looks like.

Building Reform | June 2019

MBIE has released a discussion document proposing major changes to the building industry, Geoff Hardy from Martelli McKegg breaks down the main points affecting builders.

  • – History of reform to date
  • – Who will be affected
  • – Compulsory rules for suppliers
  • – Support for prefabrication
  • – Licensing for commercial operators
  • – Supervisors license
  • – New LBP categories
  • – Compulsory guarantees

Employment Law | May 2019

In 2019 there were several changes to employment law under the Labour government. Clair and Kiren from Martelli McKegg’s presented on the following topics…

Content covered;

  • 90 Day trial period
  • Rest and meal breaks
  • Union access to the workplace
  • Collective agreements
  • Domestic violence leave
  • Flexible working arrangements