Optional Thursday Workshops

For those of you arriving early in Rotorua, why not take advantage of the half day or full day educational workshops:

From Builder to Business Owner – Andy Burrows, The Trades Coach
1-Day Business Coaching Intensive – 9:30am to 5pm – 8 Skills Maintenance Points

This intensive full day coaching session held at the Energy Events Centre will
focus on four main modules: 1. Foundations 2. Financials 3. Systems 4. Clients

1. Foundations:

Developing a business owner mindset
Build the right Culture
Develop the right Structure
Learn to Delegate effectively
Develop a 1-page Planning System

2. Financial:

Financial information flow
The most Important Number in Your Business
Learn to Love Budgeting
Pricing and Back-Costing
Develop you Business Dashboard

3. Systems:

The Power of Checklists
Introduction to Lean Construction
Document your Operational Systems
Develop Team Management Systems

4. Clients:

Marketing 101 – Attracting the Best Prospects
Developing your Sales Pipeline process
Turning off the Time Wasters
Improve Your Tendering Success
Managing Clients Effectively

How to manage health and safety risk in your business (aka Risk 101) – Rodger Hollins, Site Safe
Half day educational workshop – 1pm to 5pm – 4 Skills Maintenance Points

Learn the five-step process to get on top of health and safety risk in your business.  This presentation covers:

  • Your responsibilities under the law
  • When you need a formal risk management process
  • Examples of how to eliminate or control risk in your business

Attending this workshop will help you to:

  • Understand the difference between particular risks and common risks
  • Help you identify, assess and control your company’s health and safety risks
  • Recognise how to drive your risk management culture and performance

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