Success Through Change – Keynote Speakers

MikeCosmanMike Cosman, Partner, CosmanParkes Ltd, Health & Safety Reform Keynote Speaker
Friday 11:15am – Shed 6
Mike is one of the most experienced health and safety professionals in New Zealand having worked throughout this complex and challenging field in different roles, sectors and countries for 36 years, including recently as a member of the Independent Taskforce and Forestry Safety Review. With tertiary qualifications in management and safety and as a Chartered Member of IOSH, Certified Member of NZISM and Member of the Institute of Directors, Mike combines proven capability, practical experience with a strategic perspective.

Mike takes a particular interest in the role of governance as a driver of safety and works with boards and executive teams to help them understand their obligations and opportunities in this area. He delivers assurance services through audits and reviews and sits on a number of health and safety risk governance committees as well as the Advisory Board of NZISM.

His 28-year regulatory background and advanced investigation skills mean that Mike is able to identify root causes as well as assess legal liability. He provides expert witness services for prosecution and defence.


Dale Williams Keynote SpeakerDaleWilliams
Friday 2:30pm – Shed 6
Dale is a very proud Trade Certified Motorcycle Engineer, and established his first motorcycle dealership in Otorohanga aged 23, owning several successful and award winning businesses over 19 years, employing many young staff and training apprentices.

Dale served 9 years on Otorohanga District Council and Community Board before being elected Mayor in 2004 and serving 3 terms, during which time he led the development of community initiatives to support young people transition from school to work, achieving full youth employment and a vibrant local economy. Leading the NZ Mayors Taskforce for Jobs saw a Youth to Work Strategy developed based on the Otorohanga experience, for communities to implement.

Dale now works with many Communities and their leaders, industry and employers, education and training providers to help develop and implement Youth to Work strategies.

He is passionate about young people and their potential, and he understands industry and employers expectations. Matching supply and demand is the key, and Dales experience and knowledge offers a unique perspective on the ‘What, Why and How’ of this challenge!


DrTomMulhollandDr Tom Mulholland Keynote Speaker, Tools for Change
Saturday 2:00pm – Shed 6
Can you turn your life around simply by changing your thinking? Dr Tom did and from his experience, he has created a life-changing toolkit so that you can too.

In spite of his impressive CV, Dr Tom learned through personal experience that life sometimes serves up lemons. He had to cope with a few disasters in a row like being hit by a 20 foot high Tsunami at 2am while working at a surf camp in Java, his wife leaving him, being stabbed in a home invasion then losing control of a company he founded while was trying to look after his two children, work as a doctor and deal with the pain of divorce.

Today, Dr Tom walks the walk. He will show you how to turn life’s lemons into lemonade and diagnose and treat attitude illness in yourself and others. You can make crucial changes in your thinking that will change the outcome of most situations – not just in times of crisis but in every part of your life