About Certified Builders

The Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc is a community of craftsmen and was established in 1998 to recognise and promote qualified builders. Unless the builder is trade qualified they cannot become a member of the Certified Builders Association.

One of the main objectives of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc is:

“To provide New Zealand consumers with the assurance that our members are trade qualified builders who adhere to strict guidelines for standards of workmanship and business practice.”

The Origin of the Association

The Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc was established in Tauranga in February 1998 by Craig Wilkinson, who gathered a group of builders together who were concerned with the direction in which the building industry was heading. They were worried that their trade was being undermined by those who had entered the industry without qualifications and subsequently giving the Industry a bad name.

Approximately 70% of all builders in New Zealand who make a living from the trade, are unqualified, or do not meet the criteria, or choose not to belong to a trade association. There was an urgent need to establish an association where trade qualifications were a prerequisite. The formation of our Association and the advent of Licensing will lead to the decline of non trade qualified builders operating within the Industry.


Since the Association was formed we have clearly identified a need for such a trade organisation. Builders throughout New Zealand have embraced the Association as we provide those who are trade qualified with recognition and promotion that they deserve.

Our Aims & Goals

The formation of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc provides benefits for the builder and the consumer.

The fundamental aim of the Association is to promote the skill of its members, establishing a clearly identifiable level of

  • competence,
  • consistency and
  • excellence

for the building public and the profession. The consumer benefits from the knowledge that our members are trade qualified.

Those who are trade qualified will consistently perform to a greater degree of competence than those who are not trade qualified.

Why are we based in Tauranga

Tauranga, as we mentioned, was where the Association was formed. Whilst we are now truly a New Zealand-wide organisation there is no need to relocate to a larger centre. Communication technology is such these days that one can now operate a business from any part of the world and still offer a fast and efficient service. Besides we think Tauranga is a great place to live!

How the Association Operates

The Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc operates in accordance with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. The affairs of the Association are governed by a Constitution and managed by a Board of Directors. This Board consists of twelve Directors, eight of which represent the eight Regions.  The remaining four positions are taken up by the Chairman, the immediate past Chairman, and two Independent Directors. The Chief Executive Officer attends all Board meetings as a non-voting participant.

The policy of the Board is carried out by a management team lead by the Chief Executive and his staff.

Who can join our Association

Membership of our Association is open to any builder who meets our membership criteria. The first requirement is to hold a recognised trade qualification equivalent to or better than National Trade Certificate in Carpentry Level 4. But trade qualifications are not the only criterion, and to ensure that our high standards are maintained CBANZ takes a number of factors into account. As a voluntary membership organisation CBANZ has total discretion over who it admits to membership, and why. Although it is not obliged to give any reasons for its decisions, CBANZ looks for such things as a reasonable history of stability and success, continued solvency, absence of complaints by customers & suppliers, a good untarnished reputation and brand, and consistently high standards.


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